Construction and service of racing cars

We are building cars from scratch. First we manage selection of suitable components. This is followed up by plumbing and body modifications. After car construction it is necessary to do chip tuning. Tuning on dyno is provided in cooperation with our partners.
We also offer maintenance of your racing cars and preparation for the race.

Project of our racing cars

Škoda Favorit

Favorit 1.3 carburetor


Modified serial engine

Exhaust manifolds 4-1

Modified carburetor

Suspension and brakes

HP sporting

adjustable ground clearance

brakes Ferodo DS3000


Custom gearbox with speacial gear ratio

Safety features

6-point belts

Safety frame according to annex J

Avaible for rent for amateur rally and rally cup.
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Service and technical support at racing competition

We offer comprehensive service support, which includes:

- preparing the car before the race

- transport to the race site

- providing facilities at races

- rental of service tent, tarpaulin, tools, compressor, refueling kit, etc...

- providing service workers

Maintenance of racing cars

- long-term service

- seasonal maintenance

- parking